cough cough cough

home today.

sore nose.

sore, red nose.

sore, red nose and sore throat.

sore, red nose and sore throat and big cough.

finished bessie’s scarf (except for the weaving in and the fringe).

and avoiding 360o feedback.

primarily avoiding the feedback because we “cannot be guaranteed anonymity” in our responses – this is not good when a couple of people you don’t think terribly highly of (but who obviously are not aware that you don’t think terribly highly of them) have nominated you as a feedback-er, and you have to work closely with these people you don’t think very highly of, and you know they wouldn’t take constructive feedback terribly well.

perhaps i should just do the people i think highly of first and work my way up to the unsavoury ones.

2 thoughts on “cough cough cough

  1. Anon status not guarenteed? Crap, I was painfully honest in one of my assessments. I’m not going to be well liked 🙁Portly Geek

  2. Oh, I think there will be a couple of people who will not be too chuffed with me either (actually the same person about whom you were painfully honest).

    Perhaps at least then they might leave me the hell alone and stop standing in front of my desk talking shit at me.

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