what do you mean, required field not complete?

Cellobella tagged me many many many days ago and I’d really like to say it has taken me this long because I was crafting a very witty and measured response, but sadly, it is more old-lady style forgetfulness.

So, why do I blog? Because:

  1. I want to make everyone on the internets totally envious of my jetsetting and fabulously glamorous lifestyle
  2. people can be so very annoying and I need to vent somewhere
  3. all the cool kids are doing it
  4. writing about the minutiae of my life helps my old-lady self remember when things happened.
  5. it makes Don laugh

And I am tagging hazelblackberry, who will now mutter mean things about me under her breath.

title courtesy of the millions of error messages I received when attempting to post this.

2 thoughts on “what do you mean, required field not complete?

  1. Totally get number 2 in fact, damn! Why didn’t I think of that?! xCBRe error messages… move to WordPress… it’s better over here on the dark side… đŸ™‚

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