“chet, have you gone wacky?” joe asked.

Today I totally lost my mind and provided The Professor with the Biggest Clue Ever to how to locate my blog.

I’m not too worried if he does, he is infintely less of a pompous twit than he was when he first joined Marie Celeste and think he would respect my privacy.

However, I doubt that he will end up here, because he lacks the m4d observational sk1llz of world renowned detective, Fenton Hardy.

I said that he might find it if he searched for the best series of books ever. On at least two occasions, within his hearing, I have spoken of the total coolness of the wacky antics of Joe, Frank, Chet, Biff, Aunt Gertrude, Mr Hardy, Mrs Hardy, Tony Prito and those random friends who make an occasional appearance. But I am fairly certain that this didn’t even register on the radar.

So, in the unlikely event that he actually visits: “Hi Professor”.

Actually, it may not be as easy as I thought it would be, I’m on page 3 of a technorati seach, and I gave up at page 8 of google.

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