“we’d like to help capture the cobra,” frank offered. “we’ve had experience with them.”



I’m wearing socks today. Socks! It’s finally cold enough to wear socks!


Excerpt from email to Fenton from a recruiter:


Ersatz Madam Thingy had her last day at Marie Celeste on Wednesday. There was much sadness (I’ve quite recovered from the dobbing episode). My Lesbian Lover, The Professor and I toddled off to the QVB and purchased this and some rather gorgeous hand-printed stationery from this shop, as a farewell gift from the three of us. It is a totally gorgeous store and highly recommended for giftage for the elegant woman of a certain age.

When I went in to bid my farewells, she said, “I have really enjoyed working with you, I love your attitude. You know, you could really be French.”

Best. Compliment. Ever.


If you’ve ever wanted to export the contents of your windows explorer window to a spreadsheet, or a text file, and lord knows there have been many times I have wanted to over the past several years, then you know that it is nigh on impossible (unless, according to Fenton, you go c:\dir /s >listing.txt at the command prompt and muck about a lot).

The Professor prompted me to go searching, and I came across this fabulous little tool. It will even export search results!

Most excellent stuff indeed.


Overheard in Bondi Junction:

“Don’t my legs look completely fabulous?”

Nancy and I turned to see a woman showing off her legs, this way and that, to her toddler, who was seated in a trolley (no-one else was about – we checked).

Strangely, the toddler did not respond.


And finally, because you all love the Tales of the 400 year old man……..

While waiting for some stragglers to arrive at our weekly departmental meeting, I was chatting to The Boss about the utter ghastliness that is The Easter Show. She commented that she had never been, I expressed my surprise & advised that she attend, just so she might experience the horror for herself. Then 400 year old man piped up interrogatively to The Boss, “but YOU don’t celebrate Easter, DO you?”. I looked at the ground (as one so often does when 400 year old man goes off), thinking, “Why? Because she is black!?!?!?!”.

The Boss handled it with much more aplomb than I ever could have, and responded, “Well, the show really doesn’t have very much to do with Easter, does it?” – which shut him down quite nicely.


Did I mention that I am wearing SOCKS???

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