“it was a good racket, you fool,” weatherby burst out, “until it was spoiled by those confounded hardys!”

I’m currently having what I suspect is a mild panic attack – pulse racing, hands shaking and massive feelings of anxiety. Sort of a fight or flee response to .

It could be the prospect of the babies returning home (normally I just push down / ignore those feelings of despair when they are not here – ignore the problem and it will go away!), the prospect of returning to the Marie Celeste (oh gods!) or whether it is simply Nancy being Nancy (damn these moody, irresponsible teenagers!).

Trying to think calming thoughts….

While speaking to Fenton about my panic, he mentioned he was experiencing similar symptoms. So we put it down to the coffee we consumed this morning – which must have been massively strong. Whew, not going mad after all.


There is an article in today’s Herald re: grandparents being used to solve the “child care crisis”1. A hospital on the North Shore is conducting “grandparent refresher workshops”, which are proving hugely popular.

“The numbers are growing,” Ms de Wilde said. “There have been quite a few changes since people had babies in the 1970s and 1980s (my emphasis) and we wanted to address some of them.”

Nancy was born in 1988 – so now I’m considered to be of grandparently age???? Fuck that!


According to the guru, my week ahead will be like this:

Your week ahead: Every day seems to be bringing you a new discovery. You are not necessarily entering fresh territory. You are just starting to see your existing situation in a different way. You are recognising opportunities that have been right under your feet for ages yet to which you have been unbelievably blind. You are starting to understand important new things about the people you are closest to, even though you have known them for a long time. This week will bring further revelations. Don’t feel silly that you are seeing something you should have seen earlier. Just be glad of what is being shown to you, and make full use of it.

Hmmmmmmmm. Opportunities to which I have been blind? I’m totally up for these opportunities, as long as I don’t have to, you know, do anything.

1Having not had a child in child care for several years, I am unsure whether there is actually a crisis, or whether this is a political/media beat-up. In my experience, decent child care has always been expensive and difficult to find.

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