“all i’ll need to keep up my spirits will be to remind myself of frank and joe hardy and chet morton – three swell fellows!”

Yesterday, my lovely Bess was feeling a little blue, she was a little homesick for her other home (of course when she is at her other home, she is homesick for here – that’s the kind of girl she is).

In an effort to cheer her up, we baked our fourth batch of chocolate chip biscuits (which seem to be inhaled as soon as they are on the cooling rack).

As Bess and Joe/Frank had missed the birthday of their baby brother, we then decided to make him a gift. After much deliberating, we decided upon a George.

Inspired by the purchase of a George & Martha DVD during the week:

Bess’ drawing of George on a bookmark.

We started with a jumper I had inadvertantly felted (I swear I could felt acrylic).

We used a coffee tray to get an approximate size of his head and body and used the arms of the jumper for his arms and legs:

There was much pinning and stuffing:

And placement of buttons:

And the completed George:

On the train on the way to his new home:

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