the thick dark-purplish body was blotched with bright yellow and covered with warts.

I have a cold.

It doth bite mightily.

I am at the sore-throat/achey bones stage and no amount of positive thinking isn’t making it go away.

However, the saving grace is that the weather is totally fabulous for being sick (raining and cool – ahhhhhh bliss!).

Thankfully, the babies are being very tolerant of my complete lack of ability to do very much at all and are happily playing Sims 2.

Later we shall attempt to bake chocolate chip biscuits in the oven-from-hell. If all turns out well, I shall post the recipe (which I obtained from the back of the chocolate chip packet). I had no intention of following the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip packet, but one of the ingredients is sweetened condensed milk – which was so groovily retro that I felt compelled to toss aside the Marie Claire recipe I had intented using.

Now Joe/Frank is happily reading The Wide Window (Book 3 in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) – this is completely thrilling, because Joe/Frank has had a distinct lack of interest in anything other than the computer lately. We took the long, long trek to the shire to visit the paediatrician yesterday and he gave the go-ahead to slowly up Joe/Frank’s medication – which seems to be having a positive affect already. The poor, brave baby also had to have a blood test which he handled exceptionally well.

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