back in bayport, joe hardy had an extensive collection of rocks and stones.

Golly, I have been run completely ragged over the past week. Work was horrendously busy with all sorts of deadlines – some I met, some I have managed to extend!

I am on annual leave for the next two weeks – hurrah! Like the loser I am, I’ve brought work home to do in the holidays. The babies will be here, which will be rather lovely, but I am certain I will be quite mad by the end of it all.

Meanwhile, enjoy a photograph of Nancy’s old dollshouse, which I created from scratch (using MDF, a handsaw and craft knife) – this was mid-way through the construction process, by the end there was much more artwork and wee little stairs connecting each level. Sadly, we had to give it away when Fenton and I moved into our last very tiny abode and there was no room for it.

There was about $500 worth of wee furniture contained within those wee walls, which her father, when she lived with him for a short time, threw away, whether accidentally, or on purpose, I’m not certain.

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