“a prize to the one bringing in the most unusual piece of driftwood,” callie offered.

Nancy arrived home from her shift at Krusty Burger with the intent of changing into a swimsuit and venturing out for a dip in the harbour – when she is willing to show her lily-white bod in public (And when anyone is willing to swim in the harbour), you know it is a rather hot day.

And well she might complain, the Herald tells me that it is currently:

(that’s 111.2oF for the foreigners)

Fenton and I have been sequestered inside with the fan on level 3 and the windows and blinds securely shut. I thought it was unbearably hot on our balconey until I ventured across the road for milk (having drawn the short straw) – it’s as if you are breathing the heat. It’s very, very dry – yesterday at this time the relative humidity was 71%, now it is 17%!

In short, summer in the antipodes doth suck mightily, I feel mightily envious of those in northern climes, what with the snow and the ice and the delightful freezing temperatures.

at 4.25pm it is:


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