“i knew it!” miss hardy declared. “hoodlums are after you again. stay away from them!”

Ever since I first heard of Project Runway‘s existance, I’ve been longing to see it. Finally last week (after months and months of searching) have managed to obtain some episodes of Season 2 – which have just thrilled me to bits! Thrilled me so much that I have ordered Season 1 from Amazon (which should arrive by the end of January).

We’ve spent the past few days sweltering away at chez hardly, with occasional visits to airconditioned shopping centres, and rather enjoying the absence from work (apart from the sweltering). I rather long for cooler climes at this time of year. Anything under 35oC (95oF) would be quite delightful. I’ve heard tell that it will be 42oC (107.6oF) tomorrow, which makes me regret not lashing out on an air conditioner. I imagine my day will feature much laying about and complaining.

Being that 2006 is a mere four hours away, I decided to check out how I fared with my non-resolutions for 2005:

I will make a half-arsed attempt to:

  • Get back into a godsdamned size 10 (from the 12 I am now – reasonably realistic, its not like I want to go back into the 6 I was 18 months ago – because that is not going to happen)
    A big NO
  • Keep a clean, tidy and, most of all, uncluttered haus
  • Unpack the remaining 12 archive boxes left from the move (this could prove difficult as the contents need somewhere to live)
    more than half unpacked – the remainder are books with nowhere to live
  • Increase the diversity of what we eat (we are all quite bored with the same dishes over and over)
    still pretty much the same stuff
  • Increase the diversity of my wardrobe (for I am heartily sick of wearing the same things)
    yes! but I could do with more
  • Do something crafty at least once a month (I don’t mean crafty as in cunning, well perhaps cunning crafts?, but practical, useful crafts)
    A big NO
  • Blog regularly (because I try not to be a hypocrite & loathe it when others leave it for weeks between entries)
    ha ha ha ha ha
  • Acquire a new bed
    yes! but we need a new mattress rather badly
  • Acquire furniture for the balcony (or at very least a chair)
    bench acquired
  • Acquire a vintage-type office chair to go with my cool new computer table
    chair acquired – not vintagey, but most. comfortable. chair. ever.

Hmmmmm – not quite so bad as I would have thought. I’ll have to put my mind to some new non-resolutions.

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