frank wheeled around to see two ill-dresed, swarthy men break out of the crowd, each carrying a suitcase

Oh crap, my second computer has just died (doesn’t everyone have 2 computers on their desk?) – taking the dodgy-cam software with it and naturally, despite a mammoth search, I cannot find the CD containing the dodgy-cam software.

Thus I am unable to share the results of my weekend’s labour – a “convict” outfit for Bess’ upcoming excursion to Elizabeth Farm. I have come to the conclusion that constructing a mob cap sucks.

I’m certain I will eventually locate the CD when I least expect it.

All of this costume creation has rather put me off working on The Project this evening. Instead, I will wrap myself up in Miss Marple. Many thanks to the Scathingly Brilliant Cellobella for prompting me to add these delights to my reading list.

The Hardly haus is currently being rocked by pyrotechnics from the Australian Idol final. I am proud to say that I have kept my resolution and not watched one episode this year, as a consequence I am coming last in the tipping competition at Marie Celeste. It’s a small start to breaking the reality tv habit – of course I am stil completely addicted to both the Biggest Loser and the completely snarktacular Australian Princess. I want to be Jean Broke-Smith when I grow up.

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