the next morning frank and joe drove to the morton farm to meet chet and the girls for their shell-hunting date

The Project.

My secret shame is my lounge suite.

On the upside it is tremendously comfortable and is a Moran and consequently originally was Very Expensive. On the downside it was made in the 80s and is covered in a light salmon, dark salmon, cream and cyan striped fabric. Oh and in true 80s style it has floppy bits that are supposed to hang over the sides and back, but invariably these floppy bits end up scrunched up down the sides of cushions.

For several years I have hidden my shame behind loose covers of my own construction, but these are looking rather tired and so Fenton and I decided to Do Something About It. We could have bought something new, but there are grubby children to consider, so, in a moment of extreme madness, we decided we would reupholster it – ourselves.

Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew? I’m having one of those moments. I’ve done this to furniture in the past, but this is proving rather challenging.

I should have taken pictures. I may yet take pictures if the results are not too ghastly.

I suspect my estimated one week was somewhat naïve. I hope to finish the smaller of the two by the end of next week.

My computer and consequently my blog are feeling very neglected as a result.

In other news, my Bad Child has been a Good(ish) Child for almost a week now.

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