“that’s enough!” he panted. “don’t hit me again!” he dropped and lay on the floor like a whipped dog.

A situation that once promised so much will deliver very little. Let your failures and disappointments act as a wake-up call this week and vow to act more independently in the future.

Those were my stars for today. Interestingly, after the earlier disappointment at not sitting in the same area as Department Cool, I have been moved into Department Cool full time – in a new role. Various members of Dept Cool have been pushing for this for a while. No more admin! Hurrah!

Hopefully it will deliver more than very little (although there is nothing in the way of more cash at this stage).

Tomorrow’s are no better…

The tendency to make unrealistic promises probably stems from pride or a need from respect. You can cope with the extra workload and responsibilities, but your schedule will have to be adjusted and help sought.

Free haircut tomorrow – yay!

Titles courtesy of The Hardy Boys: The Great Airport Mystery (No.18)

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