shortly after midnight, it began to rain, and the boys shivered under wet ponchos for four hours.

Today Fenton and I ventured out to the COFA Fair Day. We were hoping to acquire some art, but alas, there was nothing that really did it for us (I’m going to have to put Joe/Frank to work creating a piece). Ahhh, young artists – so earnest, so subversive, so idealistic – humourous because you just know that 95% of them will end up working for The Man.

Cutest thing witnessed today:
On the way up Oxford Street two small blonde girls (around 5 and 7) walking behind their Paddington-style mother chanting “no more shops, no more shops”.

Most surprising happening of today:
An uber trendy girly approaching me in the street, told me she was training with Toni and Guy, had noticed I had a bob and wanted to cut my hair – for free. Of course I said yes. She gave me her card, took my number and will call me during the week. Fenton couldn’t understand why I thought this was super-cool, fortunately Nancy shared my glee.

Most hilarious sight witnessed today:
Dude stuck in 1984 – shiny black vinyl pants, long-sleeved black tee-shirt, black shiny pointy toed shoes, Robert Smith hair cut and a fire-engine red vinyl tie. Fabulous! It’s at times like these I wish I carried a camera on my person (my phone takes photos, but it is next to impossible to suck them out).

And lastly, belated birthday greetings to the most lovely Harriet. Which I am ashamed to say I totally forgot about. And what does Harriet do for her birthday? Sends me a gift – a mystery gift. Sadly the mystery gift remains a mystery and will involve a trip to the Post Office on Monday before its mysteries can be unravelled.

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