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I was planning to rant about my inability to locate a decent cd/dvd case/container/holder thingy to contain all those dvds I haven’t been burning – I hate jewel cases and those plastic-y dvd cases – they take up far too much room in a haus that has limited storage.

About 12-18 months ago it seemed that there were fantabulous cd/dvd case/container/holder thingies everywhere, but now – nothing, except really quite ugly (and expensive) ones. So I thought I’d have to fashion one myself (from old 5 1/4″ floppy discs1) – which didn’t thrill me – because I’d still need something to put them in (5 1/4″ disc boxes would work quite well for this, but the individual cds/dvds still tend to go walkies).

But my planned rant was foiled when Fenton suggested we take a look in Borders – where we found the perfect cd/dvd case/container/holder thingy!

Fairly expensive ($45), but they look marvellous & hold 80 cds/dvds each. They’re by Swing Ltd & called Symphony CD book (can’t find an appropriate link) – so far they are working a treat! And they have a perfect piece of cardboard in the case for a project I’m working on (more about that later).

1a Mrs Hardly secret – 5 1/4″ floppy discs make fabulous containers for individual cds/dvds – just slit the top, remove the disc and voila! instant (and very cool/retro) container!

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