32oC in mid-April??? Stupid un-seasonal weather!

And as for my isn’t-it-such-a-lovely-day-? colleagues, I will have the last laugh when the cold weather finally arrives – whereupon I will jump about the office squealing, “isn’t it a fabulous day? so lovely and cold! oh, you don’t think so? well aren’t you strange?”. Freaks.

In other news, I received the first of three (free) issues of The Reader. A decent read, but I’m not sure if I’ll subscribe – its $4.00 an issue (weekly), which doesn’t seem all that much until you realise it is $192.00 annually and it hits you that these little weekly amounts really do add up and you realise exactly how much money you are spending on flat whites a year (ie. much, much more) and then you realise how much money Fenton spends on long blacks in a year (ie. much, much, much, much more).

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