die die die

It was choose your own adventure on Criminal Intent tonight (yes, I know it’s a crap show – shut up) – where viewers sms’d to decide whether Detective Goren’s nemisis, Nicole Wallace lived or died.

I was rather surprised, in a good way, to discover that the vote was death (personally I think she should have been killed purely on the basis of her pathetic attempt at an Australian accent). Interestingly, according to the NBC website they voted to let her live in the US.

Perhaps we’re essentially a bloodthirsty lot? Or maybe it’s simply that we have a greater intolerance for crap than Americans? And why has there never been, in my recollection at least, an American actor who can do a convincing Australian accent? Surely it is not that difficult?

I guess they won’t be airing future Nicole episodes here – although I suspect Channel 10 will probably forget about the vote and show them anyway.

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