You’d think, given I have been gone from batshitcrazyorg for 10 weeks and 3 days (and that I left a very very comprehensive set of instructions for absolutely everything), that I wouldn’t still be getting phone calls begging me to explain how things are done.

But no, I still get questions. To give them credit for maximum evil – they are being rather cunning about it, and having Elaine call me and ask. Naturally as Elaine is a friend, I am less likely to tell her to sod off.

When I had yet another voicemail today, I called back and left Elaine a voicemail stating they should be paying me a consultancy fee – and only part of me was joking. I told her on the previous occasion that if wanna-be-lawyer had questions, he should ask me directly – its not as if wanna-be-lawyer and I did not have a very good relationship when I was there (perhaps he knows that I will give him a hard time if he asks).

For fsck’s sake – they have had over 12 weeks to replace me (if you include the notice period).

I’m afraid I will just have to cut all ties with all of my former colleagues, because being used in this fashion just plain sucks. Pay for my time/knowledge and I’ll help you, otherwise get bent.

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