One of my managers embarks on marternity leave tomorrow, so I was charged with organising her leaving lunch. She picked the restaurant, I organised the invites and booking. Last Saturday evening I duly booked for Friday at lunchtime. Things being what they were this week (ie. frantic & meeting-filled), I didn’t get to confirm the booking until this evening.

So I phone to confirm, and … they can’t find my booking. I start to panic (because I know they have another booking for 80 for lunch and there is no way we’ll get in). Then, they find the booking, except the person who took it has put it into the “night” column, but at the right time. And they hum and ha, for of course there is no room and say they will call me back. Now I really start to panic, because there is no way that I will get another restaurant at such short notice! And people will NOT be happy and I might cry.

So I wait and wait and they call back AND they can fit us in and I breathe a very MASSIVE sigh of relief!!!

So thanks, Encasa.

Although now I am worried that I have said 15 and it is really 20 people coming because I originally booked for 20 and had to change it, but maybe it *was* 20 and my list had 4 groups of 5 and not 3 groups of 5. Now I’m trying to duplicate the list on an envelope in front of me from memory.

Now all I have to do (in between yet more meetings) is go and spend $140 on a suitably impressive baby gift (DJs gift vouchers are frowned on as a soft option!)

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