When I was at batshitcrazyorg, I usually consumed at least 6 cups of a warm brown drink masquerading as coffee a day. Now that I’m at nu-job (which I really need to find an alternate name for) and I have a convenient coffee shop next door, I drink one cup of real coffee in the morning, and this gets me through the work day.

I have no idea what this means. Perhaps I am happier in the workplace1 & don’t feel the need to escape to the tea-room to get away from the constant drivel? I must say it is *awfully* nice to have people of the same political views (its a left wing paradise – even the 78 year old is a leftie!), people who are actually aware of what is going on in the world, who examine things critically, rather than swallowing the crap, disguised as current affairs that ACA dishes up – even if they are all sartorially challenged. Who read a real newspaper, rather than the godsawful tele.

Or maybe its just because I am now eating breakfast.

1Admittedly, there are a few things about the role which bother me, not the least of which is a duty I am required to perform which I find particularly loathsome, a duty which was not mentioned at the interview, nor did it appear on the job description I was given prior to the interview, but it is listed on the “official” job description. I’ve raised it, but I don’t hold out terribly much hope of the situation being resolved in my favour.

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