I’m really wanting to comment about some rumour & innuendo going on in NSW politics, but I’m afraid that it will identify batshitcrazyorg and I’m not quite ready for that to happen. Suffice to say it was quite cool/staggering goss, and if true & batshitcrazyorg can only be better for it.

The winners of the Australian Blog Awards are currently being announced. So get on over there and see if you’ve picked a winner! Thanks to the nominations, I ‘ve read an awful lot of cool blogs I would ordinarily not have found.

I feel all out of whack owing to today’s public holiday. Fenton and I avoided the heat with some retail therapy at Westfield Bondi Junction, or WBJ as the advertising calls it. Idiots – I truly do not understand this fashion for using initials.

I hate summer. I’m terribly envious of kitchenette’s snowy climes. At this time of year I often wonder what it must be like to be one of those loving-the-heat type people – I can’t begin to understand it, all I can do when confronted with summer is either collapse or seek airconditioned premises. Poor kiwi-Fenton is off to Brisbane for a Compani bonding session on the 4th February (hence today’s shopping), if he thinks Sydney is hot…

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