boring = mrs hardly

Oh Gods! Not only do we have the ultra-interesting uber-bubbly-alternative-grrl on the team, we also have a published author (who is actually one of the nicest people I have ever met)! Thankfully people were too shocked by the mention of my three children they forgot to focus on the absence of anything remotely interesting.

Met with the lovely Elaine for lunch – we obsessed about our respective fat levels. I noted that, at size 12, I am probably the fattest person in Lizzie Bay. Fenton and I are of the opinion that Elaine can get away with being a voluptuous size 14 because she is italian, very tall and completely gorgeous, she does not agree and is headed to the cult.

Note to self: Probably best not to read Fay Weldon when one is feeling a little emotionally fragile. While la Fay is totally fabulous, I tend to feel quite oppressed/downtrodden & then become rather bolshie.

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