but what if you have no life?

We at nu-job are having a divisional meeting tomorrow afternoon (our division is quite large), so my boss tackled the other newbies and me with “what do you do outside work?” style questions which we were quite unprepared for – in preparation for introducing us to everyone (for the love of god!).

Mrs Hardly: “Well I do housework & general slavery”

Boss: “But what are your *interests*, what do you do on the weekends?”

Mrs Hardly: “hmmmmmmm … at the moment … housework & general slavery”

And honestly, I couldn’t think of one interesting thing that I could impart. It’s not like I could say “well a have this blog….” because I’m not about to draw the attention of my colleagues to it. Nor could I say “Well today I got mod points on slashdot1 & I’m really excited about it” (because that is just loser talk). So I mumbled something lame about reading and sewing and computers LIKE THE TOTAL LOSER I AM.

To make it worse, the Ă¼ber-bubbly-alternative-girl (admittedly, she is really quite lovely) who sits in my paddock of the cube-farm, reeled off a list of instruments she played, recents plays and concerts she attended, highbrow books she was reading, art galleries she frequented, ponies she owned – it went on and on. Quite the Renaissance woman.

Where can I get one of those lives?

And why do I seem so boring? Superficially I am not boring, its when you delve deeper you realise there is no substance there at all. How very depressing.

1Yes it is true! Today I got mod points on slashdot!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?? It was so exciting! I was consumed with (momentary) glee! Then I started reading at -1 and suddenly it became so much less exciting.

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