one more sleep

Is it really only one day until I have to return to new-job? Just when I was beginning to get a handle on this lazing around at home thing too.

I had quite the revelation on Christmas Eve eve when I wandered down to batshitcrazyorg to meet up with Elaine & MrElaine for drinkies – I really am quite happy that I will never have to actually set foot in that evil place again. And I was quite delighted to find that I did not give a toss about the internal machinations / evil of Mrs Stub1ng / general office gossip.

So at this point I’m fairly happy to be at new-job and enjoy the extra cash for not-very-much-work. I’m rather enjoying having no vested interest in the place (or the people) & am quite keen to observe the whole grand business process re-enigineering scheme in action (given that most places went through the whole “cutting the fat” phase in the 90s – when I was ensconsed at home raising babies). I envisage much fat will be cut – the new BPR manager appears as though she could be quite ruthless. Fun times ahead indeed!

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