i resolve nothing

I’m toying with the idea of “things to do” for 2005. Not resolutions you understand, for, in my experience, if you resolve to do anything, the universe, in its infinite bloody-mindedness, will decide to teach you a lesson, missy (and yes I do realise that there were far too many commas in that sentence).

So in the spirit of these not being resolutions (and lets face it, I am far too lazy to commit to anything), I will make a half-arsed attempt to:

  • Get back into a godsdamned size 101 (from the 12 I am now – reasonably realistic, its not like I want to go back into the 6 I was 18 months ago – because that is not going to happen)

  • Keep a clean, tidy and, most of all, uncluttered haus

  • Unpack the remaining 12 archive boxes left from the move (this could prove difficult as the contents will need somewhere to live)

  • Increase the diversity of what we eat (we are all quite bored with the same dishes over and over)

  • Increase the diversity of my wardrobe (for I am heartily sick of wearing the same things)

  • Do something crafty at least once a month (I don’t mean crafty as in cunning, well perhaps cunning crafts?, but practical, useful crafts)

  • Blog regularly (because I try not to be a hypocrite & loathe it when others leave it for weeks between entries)

  • Don’t resolve to do anything

  • Acquire a new bed

  • Acquire furniture for the balcony (or at very least a chair)

  • Acquire a vintage-type office chair to go with my cool new computer table

  • other *things* – which I will add when they occur to me

1for any stray US readers, those sizes are (in order of appearance) 6,8,2 – those numbers sound so much less chunky, don’t they? Perhaps I need to embrace the US system of clothes sizing.

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