“A group of Australia’s former international umpires agreed technology took away from the challenge of umpiring”1

Sea Monkey update:

2.39pm: Sea Monkeys the same length (1-2mm), but slightly fatter. Definitely taking on that Sea Monkey shape – well the brine shrimp shape, not the mermaid/man forms which purported to be Sea Monkeys in the back of comic books when I was a wee lass.

Dino update:

Drastic measures involved Fenton taking a hammer to the dinosaur brick:

The hammer has proved somewhat successful, we can now see bones!

Bess has been happily chipping away for a couple of hours since the hammering incident.

In other news, Fenton braved the dreadful sales crowds and returned with a yule log:

1about to abandon the cunning-in-theory-but-not-so-much-in-reality smh quotes idea.

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