“”I give my family invoices for the presents I have bought myself on their behalf,” Lisa [Oldfield] said.”

Sea Monkey update:

7.15pm: Many more Sea Monkeys jumping about (like a primordial soup [cookie jar] of sea monkeys) slightly longer & paler and jumpier than this morning.

More Christmas activity updates…

We gave Bess dig-a-dino pteranodon for Christmas – thinking it would be quite a fun thing to keep her busy during the long christmas sojourn at the hardly haus. What we did not anticipate was that the skelton would be encased in what bears an uncanny resemblance to a brick. Bess using the tools provided for over 1/2 hour have only served to give her sore hands. Fenton dropping the brick onto the balcony with ever increasing force also have made few inroads into getting the skeleton out. Adults using the tools provided have also had little impact. This may call for desperate measures – although what these measures might be is unknown at this point.

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