“One writer recently claimed that we need to put the Herod back into Christmas”

Sea Monkey update:

8.10pm: Water level dropping slightly (probably evaporating from heat from the lamp), eggs clumping together, no sign of hatching.

Fenton and I felt a wee bit under the weather last night & the majority of the day – we put it down to the pork we consumed for Christmas Dinner – mainly because Nancy, having confined herself to the chicken, remains in good health.

In most excellent news, my surprise computer arrived on Christmas Eve and was all up and running smoothly by Christmas morning – after a few minor snags. So a huge yay! to pc supermarket, who were both incredibly inexpensive & incredibly efficient!!!

Naturally, my brilliant idea about quotes in the titles is proving not quite so brilliant in reality! Oh it was all very easy when I had the comedic gold of “mating on the bowling green”, but not so simple on very slow news days – such as Christmas & Boxing Day. I’m finding myself reading absolutely everything in the herald in order to find something remotely useable!

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