“Dear Peasant … You may leave them [shoes] outside your door in Redfern. NOT WOOLLAHRA. THIS IS NOT A SLUM.”

Over the next few days, we will be following Great Adventures in Sea Monkeys1 at the hardly haus…

As I may have mentioned in an earlier entry, but am far to lazy too check if i did, Bess received sea monkeys for her birthday and we agreed that we would begin the hatching when she arrived on Boxing Day.

The story so far…

10am: In 1 glass biscuit jar, place 1 litre of quite expensive imported still mineral water2, 5ml of salt, some sea monkey eggs3 and mix well.

Place under strong lamp in kitchen.


11.53am: No change…

1These are called “Sea Pets” on the box, but we all know they are really sea monkeys!

2not spring water because it says mineral water on the instructions & who knows if they are the same?

3According to the instructions, they are not actually eggs, but cysts or sacs. “Each sac contains an embryo ready to hatch when circumstances are ideal. More than 100,000 cysts are contained in 0.5g”

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