so i wore the suit

and (to my surprise) was offered the job!

and………(after wavering a lot)………accepted.

i told wanna-be lawyer this morning that i’d been offered & at lunchtime that i had accepted. i thought he was going to cry (“for me, please don’t go” – i love him to bits, despite his occasional jerkiness). i thought i was going to cry. i still think i am going to cry (i daresay i will on the last day – 7th december).

my batshitcrazyorg friends are upset, i am upset, but i think/hope it is for the best. that place was dragging me down big time – especially the psycho mrs stub1ng.

the suit did indeed cause a stir (everyone had a fair idea where i was going), as did the haircut (scarily similar to one i sported in 1992).

so off to pastures new… and i am scared to bits!

still on dial-up – hopefully adsl on the 25th.

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