a brief stop-over

man, this 48k dial-up bites.

only a week until our adsl is provisioned (and there was much rejoicing).

all is as usual in mrs hardlys world.

batshitcrazy is crazier than ever, with the executive officer gone, mrs stub1ng is completely out of control (no more so than in the area of christmas decorations – o! the horror – think gold spray-painted sticks with shiny apples hanging from them). well that and the little matter of giving a temp everyone’s alarm codes (even the PAs don’t have access to the codes) and then going on to scapegoat aforesaid executive officer (who would never have done it).

i also had a wee dicussion behind closed doors with mrs s & the wanna-be lawyer who advised me that the boss had refused to increase my salary to market value. i did not appreciate being given the impression that i was being unreasonable/greedy because i had a minor increase in may – its not like i want a terribly large increase (its only a token $5K). wanna-be lawyer said, “i really like working with you and i really hope you will stay” (unsaid: “because we will never be able to find anyone else to fill this role”) and “i hope you will stay for batshitcrazy’s sake & the work we do”. i responded by rolling my eyes at him, when all i really wanted say was “what, continue to help batshitcrazy spread its right-wing evil?”. so i’m actively searching for something else (which horrifies the officers i work for – primarily because they won’t be able to find anyone else).

i had 3 days annual leave this week & realised yesterday that i was awfully relaxed, despite racing about scrubbing the walls of the old hardly haus & other unpleasant tasks. one of these tasks was visiting a recruiter (associated with an arm of fenton’s firm), who apparently liked me because i’m off to an interview on monday at lunchtime (with a firm that *can* pay market rates, despite being a not for profit organisation) – there will be scandal/panic when i arrive at work in a suit (which is kind of a nice “fuck you, jerks”.

the new haus is very lovely indeed.

i will return once our adsl is here – we are on time limited internet connection

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