woz outfit complete.


i left batshitcrazyorg early on friday to scour shops for red shoes and was supremely fortunate to find a pair of ruby mary-janes in great condition in a thrift store for $2 (and only slightly too large). the other accessories were similarly inexpensive (just took a little while to locate). lots of new red shoes about – but which only went up to size 10.

i finished sewing the dress on the train this evening while returning joe/frank & bess. i could have added some finishing touches (thank [insert chosen deity] for self adhesive velcro), but they would have been superfluous. a mighty fine result too, if i do say so myself. bess looks just gorgeous in it.

sadly i could not get a photo because it was not finished (but i have asked the ex if he would take one for me when bess is in costume).

i also sewed on some badges onto joe/frank’s cubs shirt (after a good hour searching we finally managed to locate a diagram showing proper placement of cub badges). next is joe/frank’s cubs blanket (must make one, because there are no decent ones in any shop i’ve looked in)…

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