ran about the city at lunchtime and after work attempting to gather materials for Bess’ woz outfit. i searched and searched the pattern books in lincraft for something remotely like i’ve envisioned (so that i’d be able to make a start tonight, without having to wait for the young lady herself to be here) – with no success*.


pale blue gingham fabric

not found:


white girly blouse

also purchased (although not necessarily for this project):


shiny new pins

shiny new sewing-machine needles

two kinds of elastic

*after googling i find that woz Butterick & McCalls patterns do exist, just not in my store!

The first one is the cutest (although my checks are not that large) & i can replicate it without too much difficulty (and without the benefit of a pattern). The pix will definitely be of enormous assistance. All hail google.

**i anticipate that this will be difficult – as all that seems to be about are strappy summer sandals, that said, there is not a terribly huge range in the CBD. I am hoping for success in the suburbs on Friday afternoon or in thrift stores on Saturday morning.

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