wise advice from comestibles packaging

“It is wise to wash your hands after working with chillies. You never know where you might put them next.”

thank you David Jones.

apologies for the image size – my scratch disk is apparently full (i’ll need to work out what exactly that means* and fix it**).

*at times like these you need your b0yfriend-the-photoshop-expert around.

**ahhh it means my C drive is full. i’ve filled 10gb and have 15mb free – oops. looks like i’ve some deleting to do.

2 thoughts on “wise advice from comestibles packaging

  1. I do hope your b0yfriend ploy works, I am rather tired of seeing “love spells to get your boyfriend back” on your banner!

    I guess the manufacturers are taking care of liability, I once purchased a utility knife – the packaging of which sported advice along the lines of “be careful, knives are sharp” … well yes, they are which happens to be why I bought it.

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