mrs hardly is having a sick day – i feel most spo0ty. i spent the morning napping, then settled down for a little teev watching only to find the afternoon line-up has changed for the worse (not that it was awfully good orginally).

in “mad about you”, i learned that americans eat sweet potato with marshmallow on thanksgiving – how perfectly revolting.

now i am faced with “judge judy” – which i would turn off immediately, but nancy begged to watch it, because she loves tragic television. i became unsettled when she could recite the intro.

in other news, fenton tells me there is a strong likelihood that he will be in Melbourne longer than anticipated i miss my b0yfriend.

i am wondering what has become of my creativity – where once i was brimming with enthusiasm for all kinds of fun/cool projects, now i am just blah.

i dragged the sewing machine out to mend the draw-strings on fenton’s & nancy’s (matching) pyjama pants. pants mended i am tempted to put the machine back in the cupboard – i just don’t feel like doing anything with it (i really *should* put a back on the loose lounge cover i made years ago, but then i wonder if i should purchase some more fabric and whip up some entirely new ones? or just leave it and buy some brand new lounges at some time in the near future?).

i think fenton being away for so long is getting me down. while i don’t feel exactly depressed**, i do feel a lack of enthusiasm for anything. i’ll be happy when the year is over (although, of course, we can’t be assured that the travel ceases at the end of the year).

**i do have rather a lot of experience in this area.

4 thoughts on “sick

  1. yesssssssss, that is what we thought.

    Alas, they seem to have taken rather a shine to him (well who wouldn’t?)

    i think he is starting to not particularly like it down there.

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