i must move in a different milieu to the Australian Idol judges.

last night i was quite surprised to hear Portishead’s “glory box” described as an obscure song that the Australian public would not like. i thought pretty much everyone was familiar with that song!!

however, after tonight i can happily say: suck, mark “i’m-trying-desperately-hard-to-be-randy-jackson” holden & marcia hines. They may have not heard it before, however those who choose to waste their hard-earned 50c(es) voting, seemed to like it well enough!

perhaps the australian idol watching/voting public has more taste than the judges give them credit for? (actually i am probably going waaaaaaay out on a limb there – this is the same public that voted the mind-numbingly talentless shann0n n0ll number 2 last year).

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