washing day

thank gods the h00vermatic de luxe has held up to the seemingly endless saturday washing!

in honour of fenton’s being home, delicious gets another workout – tonight it is spicy sausage & lentil one-pot – looks rather yum.

I have had to substitute red lentils for green (woolworth’s rather lame range of foodstuffs did not extend to green), so i hope the results will not be affected.

in other news we are considering disassembling the monstrousity*, given that our books are becoming VERY dusty and the monstrousity is given to wobbling in an alarming manner when anyone sits on the couch/dances about the lounge room. The problem with the plan being: where do we store our books? We rarely read those on the shelves – the ones we refer to regularly are in other places.

*after 20 minutes searching for a picture of the monstrousity, i have given up!

5 thoughts on “washing day

  1. I found two pics in a folder named “constructions” HHHHH unfortunately I appear to have deleted the pics of fenton mounting the montrousity … the ones I found have been sent to fenton’s email.

  2. yes it is sans “u” – i thought both looked wrong so I went with the one that looked less so – but which, of course, is the right one!

    thank you for the pix – i am so skinny! and where did that TAN come from?

  3. I recall you saying at the time of sending the pics that it was very very hot – perhaps you had stepped out into the sunshine around that time?

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