mmmmmmmmmm piggies

we are going with this method.

although they had handy dandy metric equivalents in the ingredients section, i needed to find a conversion tool to work out how long to actually cook the meat for. my pork weighs 108 shekels (approximately) and will take quite a while to cook – so i’d best get at it (unfortunately i am still washing – so the teeny hardly kitchen will be rather squishy).

3 thoughts on “mmmmmmmmmm piggies

  1. Please let me know how your pork turns out with that method. I don’t a bit of roast pork with vegies and gravy mmmmmmmm … although I have sworn off meat – yes I the former ravenous carnivore have gone vegetarian but eat a lot of fishies… so anyway, let me know in case I have a meaty urge, I have always had problems with pork and have tried many different roasting methods. The meat always turns out beautiful but I can only ever get half crackled crackling no matter how much scoring oiling salting and high heat blasting I do!

  2. well much to my disappointment the crackling didn’t crackle very well (only at the edges) – i will hack it off and whack it under the grill (a tip from the ex-father-in-law) for a bit.

    my crackling *always* used to crackle – i followed a recipe in an awesome cookbook i once owned (which had recipes for *everything*) however i am convinced the w.s.m. stole it – i asked the ex and he denied it, but hey, it was in the house and then it wasn’t – and she was the only person who was there – hmmmmmmmm.

    which reminds me that if i can remember the name of the book, i should try to locate it on eBay.

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