travelling south

poor fenton was awake betimes this morning – 5.30am to be precise & left the house at 6am in search of a taxi to take him to the airport.

he is probably still at the office and not yet ensconced in the splendor of his hotel room. i plan to spend the evening doing such exciting things as defrosting the fridge with a hair-dryer (which it needs desperately) & loading/unloading the clothes dryer. i think the majority of my week will be spent similarly catching up on many household tasks. i have an urge to go shopping and buy numerous silly things, but fortunately i do not get paid until wednesday (by which time my urge may have abated).

much to my surprise i scored highest in the office in footy tipping this weekend – this takes me to equal 9th (the person running the comp does not seem to grasp the concept that if 2 people are on equal first, the people in the next spot should be on equal third and not equal second place), so 9th is probably a great deal worse than it actually sounds.

the remaining few of us at batshitcrazyorg who did not have to sign in in the morning & out at the end of the day will now be required to – this could prove interesting as any time i stay back will be put toward flexi-time and that means days off! (normally i just don’t bother, the effects of working at the SoullessPalaceOfEvil still linger – you work until the work is done – there is none of this “time off” stuff).

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