and the rain it (doesn’t) raineth every day

the first meagre drops of rain this afternoon for THREE WHOLE WEEKS – yippee!

i love that distinctive rainy smell.

only 5 days until Fenton leaves for sibera, we fear he is ill-prepared for the bitey temperatures (no doubt he will compare the icy weather to a lovely summer’s day in wellington). no doubt my lunch times over the next few days will be filled with running about picking up essentials for his trip. having been in each other’s pockets for the past few years, it will be quite quite awful to have him not here for months – even if he does return on weekends. i will have to conjure up some projects to get me through the evenings.

my cpu fan sounds *very* sickly this evening – might finally be time to crack the case and see what sized fan will fit in there (as i can’t find a freebie case lying about – and my lust for pimped cases, while once very strong, is now non-existant).

1 thought on “and the rain it (doesn’t) raineth every day

  1. oh my goodness, I can’t remember the last time it rained up here, it ust have been months ago! My trees out on the deck are dying and I keep forgetting to water them, I am a terrible tree-mother! They have been on the brink of death several times since being in my possession so they should be ok if I can remember to water them every day for a while.

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