sartorial eloquence

the less said about my day the better, suffice it to say that batshitcrazyorg definitely lived up to its name today. at least the archiving is over and (to my extreme delight) gone from the building.

i am now in the rather difficult position of having agreed to wear casual clothes tomorrow, more specifically to wear *jeans* tomorrow. this presents me with all sort of problems, namely clothing of the top half of the hardly bod in an appropiately casual/worky manner – normally i would just wear a singlet, but it is not exactly singlet-wearing weather.

so i was FORCED to purchase a cheap and nasty trakkie-type jacket on the way home to avoid freezing to death. while the jacket is reasonable, it has a rather ghastly motif over the breast which i need to cover with something before tomorrow.

i loathe casual days (although at least it is not the horror which is business casual) – i find it infinitely more difficult to select an appropiately casual outfit than to just mindlessly (and sleepily) don standard office wear. recently a normally *very* well turned out workmate turned up wearing a TUCKED IN australian rugby jumper and old 501s (not vintage old, just daggy-old) with a brown belt and bright shiny runners! no matter how well this person may appear in the future, i will always recall the horrors of the tucked-in rugby shirt

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