little boxes

last night i dreamed that gina (the illustrious executive officer at batshitcrazyorg) asked me to archive several years worth of old sydney telephone directories. such is effect the mad, desperate race to have anything that has the potential to be untidy archived and sent to the secondary storage provider before the Big Move Downstairs is having on my mind.

the B M D occurs on Friday afternoon.

i have been instructed to archive unsorted loose filing (although i still have two huge packing boxes full of unsorted loose filing that i have been generously permitted to take with me). i have archived court diaries for the last 5 years. i have archived the annual ACTU & Labor Council directories for the past 10 years. if it has the potential to appear “untidy” in the Shiny New Offices it gets archived.

rather than challenging the folly of the decision to archive rather than manage this stuff properly, as i once would have done, i simply smile and archive, archive, archive. i believe this is what is commonly known as Maturity. although it could equally be called mindless obedience. i am rather too exhausted to “fight the power”.

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