zzzzzzzz & brrrrrrrrrrr

after a very full babies weekend i am shattered. there were no trains this weekend (which we found out on friday evening) and so Bess had to be collected from a station on another line – this wasn’t a problem, except for the lengthy walk to get to the city to catch aforesaid train. this involved the infamous McElhone Stairs x3 trips. ouch.

we purchased a quasi-lamb underlay from Woolies Town Hall on the way home to ward off the extreme cold.

it is extremely cold. so cold that i managed to persuade fenton to don a pair of warm gloves, which i purchased (along with a charming pink beanie**) from one of those hellish we’ve-got-boy-london-watches-only-$10 shops. so cold that fenton actually admitted that it *was* cold. the cold obviously had an adverse affect on my cheekiness level as i managed resist the temptation to retort, “what, this is not the same temperature as a bright summer’s day in Wellington?”


2 thoughts on “zzzzzzzz & brrrrrrrrrrr

  1. yes it is

    i did count them at one point, i *think* there are 123.

    make that another reason why i wish i had a digital camera.

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