in which mrs hardly gets a visit

it was very cold today, so i was loath to open the windows and let more coldness in while i was cooking the hardly family evening meal.

as i was frying, this proved to be an unwise decision.

i noticed the rather thick cloud of smoke about me around the same time i heard the alarm bell start to peal very loudly out in the hall. nancy pointed out that a wee orange light was flashing on one of the smoke alarms on the ceiling. oops.

being that we live in a block of units, our smoke alarms are connected to a big board with flashing lights which is located in the foyer and we are not able to turn the alarm off ourselves (even if it is a false alarm, as in this case it was). we have to wait for the firemen to come in their firetruck with sirens blaring and *they* use their fireman skills to turn the alarm off.

so we opened the windows and front door and waited for the firemen to arrive. when i heard them in the hall, i stuck my head out the door, claimed the blame and apologised profusely. i was, in fact, chagrinned. they were very nice and said it was not a problem and that i should try to remember to open a window next time. i thanked them and said i definitely would.

i love firemen – they are so cute in their little firemen outfits – something i had not noticed until quite recently.

1 thought on “in which mrs hardly gets a visit

  1. ooooh I don’t get visits from cute firemen when my smoke alarm goes off – thank goodness because it goes off about 5 times a day, sensitive darned thing it is.

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