purple puddles

wore the orange-ish scarf today – without wrapping it hangs to my feet (just call me doctor hardly) – nicely warm & not too restrictive and did not shed overly much. not bad for 10cents and a smidgeon of sewing.

i spent the day archiving loose leaf publications that those at batshitcrazyorg are too scared to let go of (even though they have not been updated for over 5 years & we now get them on CD). this is a bit of a theme – they are far too frightened to make the decision to get rid of anything! we have sent hundreds of boxes to an off-site archives provider and i estimate that about 80% of them contain things that could have been destroyed.

i really need to get serious with them – they need to be threatened with flylady. where they will be beaten into submission with “i’m so proud of you for throwing out [whatever]” & heartwarming anecdote-filled emails 20 or 30 times a day.

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