now where was i?

when the ‘puter last froze i was keying this:

some time (around 2 years) ago i picked up a length of fabric (pictured below), thinking it would be perfect to fashion into a scarf. from recollection i think it cost about 10cents.

while the length was okay, it is twice as wide as i would like and becomes very bulky & uncomfortable when i wrap it around my neck. another problem is the unfinished edges – my machine is not up to sewing knit fabric without it looking hideous and hand-sewing would result in a very bulky unattractive seam. as a result the fabric has sat untouched in my fabric stash since i bought it

so while the length of fabric was hanging on the back of my chair folded in half today, it occured to me that i could cut it in half and have double the length (the longer a scarf, the better in my opinion). it also occured to me that rough edges on a scarf are now quite interesting and fashionable (something which was not the case 2 years ago). So i think i will spend some time this evening cutting the piece in half and trying to work out how to join the bits together in a way that will not look really crappy.

amazingly I had perfectly matching cotton! so have cut in half and sewed together. now my problem is the little shedding *bits* from where i cut it.

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