This evening Fenton walked to oxford street from martin place to make an appointment for a haircut tomorrow – he couldn’t call because he could not remember the name of the salon. He also made an appointment for Bess, who is in DIRE need of a haircut – I am from the “long hair is so not cute just because it is long school”, unfortunately it would appear that the w.s.m. is the school captain.

Bess’ hair is currently just below shoulder length, thick and shapeless and generally does nothing at all to enhance her cuteness (she is very cute) and while it does look acceptable when plaited or in a ponytail, the majority of the time it hangs loose and gets knotty and just icky.

This will be Bess’ very first visit to a proper salon (the stylists are japanese “artists” apparently) – her previous haircutting experiences have been confined to just cuts, so we’re quite sure she will adore the general pampering that goes on when your hair is styled by an “artist”. Such an important thing for an 8 year old girl to experience! and well worth the considerable difference in price

It will be rather an adventure for Fenton too – the first time he has been out and about with just Bess’ on her own. He suspects she will cry, I know she will have a blast!

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