the glory gardens challenge

Joe/Frank, having received the final 2 books in the glory gardens series as his Christmas present for the month**, has set himself the task of reading the 8 books in order over the course of the weekend – naming his quest “the glory gardens challenge”. He is currently snuggled up under his blanket on the couch reading away quietly with a look of fierce concentration. So sweet.

**The sprogs receive gifts every month as part of the Christmas gift from us – we were clutched in the gaping jaws of poverty at christmas time and hit upon the idea of giving them smallish gifts and spreading the joy through the year (this has proven a huge success with both Bess & Joe/Frank).

3 thoughts on “the glory gardens challenge

  1. that is why you should have left the comment mummy. it is true, i am what i said i was and i will pour brekky juice on your pillow if you poke me like that and scare my fishie again!

  2. The monthly gift is a fabulous idea! how very sweet of Joe/Frank, I wish him well in the glory gardens challenge :o)

    when I was using blogger comments, I posted the same comment twice and thought to cover my blunder by removing one, only to have “this post was removed by the author” in it’s place! it makes your blog look all naughty and censored!

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