yarn arts

i am seriously staggered by the number of knitting blogs i keep stumbling upon!

who knew knitting was so popular?

while harriet is a knitting junkie, i honestly cannot say knitting is something i *really* enjoy – while i am quite good at it (i have a [wasted on me] genetic gift of perfect tension), i tend to find knitting boring.

sure, i am thrilled with the girly scarf (nancy wore it out and about today – even though i had not woven in the loose colour change threads – there are only 3 big blocks of colour, so it will not be too noticeable) but i could sew a handful of garments (not that i would) in the time it takes to knit a sleeve. i crave instant gratification – i find it difficult to commit to lengthy projects. i find myself wanting to move onto something shiny and new. i wriggle.

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  1. Oh, I completely understand about instant gratification! I crave that too, which is probably why I very rarely finish anything I start, unless it’s a very small project or I knit my heart out for 12 hours straight every day until it’s finished!
    Mind you, I couldn’t sew anything in the time it would take me to knit 3 jumpers!

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