its a geek thing

for such a long time i have wanted my own domain name. it is, however, rather difficult to justify the $30 purchase on something so trivial – at a time when we are rather strapped for $$$ – particularly when the .com all of the names i identified with (lusted for) were taken – and .net is really second best.

i searched this morning and the one i want *now* is available. i will allegedly be getting a couple of extra dollars as back pay (when this amount will be paid, i am unsure – i imagine in the next pay period).

my quandry, of course, is can i waste my money on such a totally unnnecessary thing? when we are relying on just my income? when we have a large-ish outstanding debt to our beloved Uncle Nelly (which continues to bother me)? i suspect the answer is “no mrs hardly, that would be reckless and irresponsible”. sometimes being sensible just bites.

2 thoughts on “its a geek thing

  1. Oh, be rash and irresponsible! Yes, you will have intense feelings of guilt and shame for a time, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to be frivolous now and then and it will give you a sense of happiness and completion about something you have yearned for!

  2. i think i will wait until fenton is gainfully employed again (and our debt is off my mind) before i lash out.

    that would be the Sensible approach. and the next week will involve some belt tightening (as i had to put aside a fair whack of $ for the adsl bill)

    besides, i already lashed out on those seed beads (now I have a couple of hundred left over to do something with! i can assure you that i will not be threading them on chunky crochet cotton any time soon!!!)

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